Student - September 29, 2015

Best Biology study in Wageningen

Albert Sikkema

Wageningen has the best biology study in the Netherlands. Elsevier reported this in this week’s study-special.

The Wageningen biology study received 77 points from the students, who assessed the design, education, teachers and the examinations. The biology study in Groningen received 74 points and scores second place. The biology study in Amsterdam received the lowest score of the seven biology studies in the Netherlands with 57 points.

The biology professors in the Netherlands do not agree with the ranking of the students. According to most professors (31 percent) the Utrecht University has the best biology study, followed up by Wageningen (28,7 percent).

The other studies in Wageningen also received high scores from the students, they classify Wageningen as the best University. But Wageningen does not appear 0069n the ranking of the professors, this is because the university has too little studies that are comparable with other universities. Elsevier also published the results online.