News - October 27, 2010

Bernhard's pillar to be raised

This copper pillar is six metres high and grows to ten metres in full sunshine. An eternal flame burns at its top. Freedom Fire, a monument for Prince Bernhard, will finally be erected, five years later than planned.

The municipal government of Wageningen bought this work of art five years ago for more than 100,000 euros from HansHan Roebers. The monument, dedicated to the memory of Prince Bernhard, sparked off immediate protests then because of so-called resemblance to a phallus. Protestors also proclaimed that it would not be appropriate for the 5 Mei Square, next to Hotel de Wereld.
Subsequently, an alternative location was found: the pavement outside student society Ceres where Prince Bernhard officiated at the march past every Liberation Day. But a complaint was lodged against the application for a construction permit. It has been made known today that this complaint has been squashed by the administrative judge in Arnhem.
The municipality of Wageningen is wasting no time to make its next move. It will start preparation work in two weeks' time so that the pillar will definitely be placed in April 2011. Unless, of course, someone takes the matter to a higher court.