News - November 27, 2014


Two ex-students from Leeuwarden have found a creative solution to their enormous student debt (almost 100,000). They have recently started selling beer named after their creditor: DUO. The DUO beer is brewed in deepest secrecy in an old attic, write the gentlemen on their site duobier. nl. ‘In order to let sleeping dogs lie.’ They hope to make their ‘dream come true’ using crowdfunding


Men help women in high heels faster than women in flat shoes, says a French study. They are also quicker to chat up a woman in high heels in a bar or to pick up a glove she dropped on the floor. The next question is why do men get a kick out of high heels? And is there a one-to-one correlation? Whatever the case, make the most of it, ladies.

Eighty millon

Eighty million. An eight and seven zeros. Yes, that is how many bacteria you exchange during one French kiss lasting 10 seconds. So an article in Microbiome assures us. Remember that as you tipsily survey the talent at the next open party and are led into temptation again.


First a wasp (Ampulex dementor), then a spider (Aname aragog) and a dinosaur (Dracorex howartsia), and now a shield bug have been named after a creature in the Harry Potter series. The insect has been named Thestral incognitus, after the thestral. A flying, equestrian being from the Potter series which can only be seen by the dead.