News - August 17, 2010

Bas Zwaan is new professor of Genetics

Wageningen University has appointed Bas Zwaan professor of Genetics. Zwaan, who is now senior lecturer in evolutionary biology at the Leiden University, succeeds Rolf Hoekstra.

Zwaan will start on 15 September and will be involved in the genetics of evolutionary changes. He will concentrate on the combination of mutation, genetic drift and natural selection, in order to better understand evolutionary changes in the past and to more accurately predict those in the future.
Bas Zwaan (Papendrecht, 1965) studied biology at the State University of Groningen and graduated cum laude. His predecessor Hoekstra was one of his supervisors. Subsequently, he was a postdoc at the University College in Londen and a researcher in the evolutionary biology group at Leiden University. He conducted research for many years into the survival chances of a butterfly.