Organisation - June 19, 2014


Lately the weather in Wageningen is getting warmer so many people have been having picnics, enjoying the sun by sitting with closed eyes, and sunbathing on the grass. But the funniest thing that I noticed is that many Dutch people go barefoot.

The strangest picture that caught my eye was a guy cycling barefoot to the university at 8 o’clock  in the morning. ‘Did he really go out without shoes?’ I wondered to myself. That sounds very strange. ‘Are the Dutch fond of cavemen?’ In Greece our weather is extremely hot and when it gets warmer we usually start to take off our clothes. But you will never see people walking without shoes, except at the coast. If you do try to go barefoot then your feet will become like smoked meat, as the ground is burning hot! But also, most of us would be afraid of stepping on a piece of glass or another sharp object that can penetrate our foot and hurt us. But the Dutch are so close to nature that they do not have these kinds of fears. However, I read that going barefoot reduces inflammation, improves sleep, and is generally good for your health. So maybe these people are walking without shoes to improve their health... Have fun, Dutchies, and enjoy the warm weather!   

Natasa Kiorapostolou, Greek MSc student of Forest and Nature Conservation