News - November 3, 2011

Banished education director back at work

Hans van Rooijen back as education programme director for Forestry and Nature Management in Velp.

Van Rooijen was suspended just before the summer holidays by the Van Hall Larenstein board because of a conflict. His dismissal led to a series of protests by employees at the University of Applied Sciences. ‘I am pleased to be back', says education director Hans van Rooijen. ‘I spent four months sitting at home - it was not much fun.'
The mediation between Van Rooijen and Marks took more than a month. Van Rooijen says they had ‘open and honest' talks, in which it was established that tensions can arise between the role of education programme director and the role of management team member.
It was agreed that Van Rooijen will be more explicit about supporting VHL-wide policies once they have been agreed in the management team. At the same time, everyone - including Van Rooijen - will still be free to ‘voice criticisms.' He would rather not say anything more about the conflict and mediation; he wants to get back to the education programme and focus on the future.
According to a statement issued by the staff in his education programme, they see his return as ‘a significant turning point in attitudes and the atmosphere within Van Hall Larenstein'. ‘We wish the directors and Executive Board every success in their new course.'