Student - October 6, 2016

Bad breath

Delicious, a Shawarma roll. But what about your breath afterwards? There is something simple you can do about that. Researchers at Ohio State University suggest an apple or a few lettuce leaves. Chew on them for 30 seconds and half the volatile substances causing your breath to smell garlicky will disappear. Which doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have bad breath, of course. But it might help.

Valentine’s (1)

Couples who get married on Valentine’s Day or other specially chosen dates such as 01-02-03 get divorced sooner, discovered economists at the University of Melbourne. They used Dutch marriage statistics on over one million marriages in the last 15 years. After 10 years, 15 percent of the ‘Valentine’s Day marriages' were on the rocks, as opposed to 16 percent of marriages that started on ordinary dates. So special wedding dates lead to one third more divorces.

Valentine’s (2)

The explanation lies, say the researchers, not in the date itself but in the kind of couple. Valentine’s couples are more likely to have been married before, to have children already, and to be further apart in age and level of education, the data reveal. Valentine’s couples are also more often expecting a baby already when they tie the knot.


In the thousands of languages around the world, the word for nose often starts with an ‘n’. And it often includes the sound ‘oo’ as well. In fact this kind of similarity can be seen in many words, as linguists at Cornell’s Cognitive Neurosciences Lab have shown. Round and red, for instance, quite often start with ‘r’. The similarity is most often found in words for parts of the body. Seems like they are associated with a certain sound.