Student - June 7, 2016

Artist is looking for wood

Roelof Kleis

A large wooden depiction of the earth will be hung in the restaurant hall of Orion. The sculptor Diederick Kraaijeveld calls students and employees to contribute by handing in wood.

Kraaijeveld makes sculptures of salvaged wood. Portraits and utensils are shaped as a kind of mosaic built from pieces of wood. Kraaijenveld makes the link between the source of the wood and that what he is building. This is also the intention in Orion, the location manager Annemarie de Vries explains. ‘Kraaijeveld wants to make his art of old wood with a story which suits Wageningen UR’.

More specifically, this will be a depiction of the earth. It will have a diameter of six meter and will be hung on one of the high concrete wall in the restaurant hall of Orion. Currently photos are hanging there. Kraaijeveld wants the required wood to be supplied by students and employees. Each an own piece of wood from their own country. With that the work is a sample card of the international character of education and research in Wageningen.

With this call for wood De Vries mainly focusses on international students. ‘We want to use channels such as social media to ask new master students to bring a piece of wood.’ But also Dutch students may bring a piece of wood from home. The deadline to hand in the wood is on the 19th of September, so that also students that go back home this summer can contribute. Additionally also employees who travel are asked to gather wood.


The wood can be handed in at the reception of Orion. Kraaijeveld prefers wood (20cm) with colours which suit a globe: blue, green, white, grey, and beige. De Vries: ‘It is a challenge and we are not sure if it will be a success, but we want to try it because the idea appeals to us.’ The piece of art will also be placed if not enough wood is handed in. Beside the piece of art, which is planned to be done in the fall, a plaque will be placed with the names of the wood suppliers.

The artwork of Kraaijeveld is not the only piece that is made. Also the originally American artist Frank Plant is asked to make an object. His work will come to hang on the wall in the other hall. It is not yet clear what it will look like. Plant still needs to make a proposal.

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  • Ram P Mainali

    Very elegent

  • Amy Rahmawati

    Wow! What a great idea. I hope I can contribute, but the colour of the globe for my origin is not clear.

    • Jan-Kees Goud

      Make sure you sterilise the wood first, for example by heating it in an oven at 120 degrees centigrade for 15 minutes.

      Bringing unprocessed wood can bring you into trouble if you are caught.

      Obviously, Diederick Kraaijeveld does not know what he is doing with his 'great idea'. One example about possible consequences can be read in the (Dutch) article about Xylella disease in:

      Think before you do!