Organisation - June 2, 2015

Arthur Mol starts as Rector

Rob Ramaker

Arthur Mol started today as new Rector Magnificus of Wageningen University. Last Thursday he succeeded Martin Kropff who leaves for Mexico.

Foto: Guy Ackermans

There is no honeymoon for the new Rector. "From eight o'clock this morning, I instantaneously had appointment after appointment," says Mol, 'and I will immediately have heaps of files to go through. "Time to decorate his room has, besides a few books, not been possible yet. It still feels a little strange to work on the upper floor of Atlas. However the view already caused an initial concern. "On the entire campus you see too little life," says Mol. They do a better job on American and Chinese campuses, he knows. There are for example spots where people with diverse backgrounds eat together.

I will have to go through heaps of files immediately
Arthur Mol, Rector Magnificus Wageningen University

It is also instantly clear to Mol that his working life will look very different from today on. He retired from the idea that he can continue traveling by train. The many appointments in the country make this completely impractical. But if he should be driving a car, it has to be a hybrid. As Rector of a green university he wants to send the right signal.

Furthermore Mol wants to be careful not to become an ‘ivory tower’ manager. In contrast to his time as a professor, he does not need to walk to the copy machine anymore. His secretary arranges that the necessary prints are ready. And consultation partners suddenly come to him. 'I have to make sure I get outside enough," he says, "and not only to get in my car.'