Student - May 4, 2016

Argo wants to renovate weight room

Linda van der Nat

W.S.R. Argo wants to renovate the attic with rowing machines. According to the student rowing association the current room for inside training is too small, poorly ventilated and not insulated.

When the rowers of Argo are not on the water, they are training in the sports hall of The Bongerd or on the ‘ergometer attic’ in the shed at the Grebbedijk, where also the boats are stored. There is a corner with older power-training equipment and there are some rowing machines for training, says Saskia Tersteeg, secretary for the student rowing association. ‘The number of members increases every year, so the place is becoming a bit cramped.’

Moreover, poor ventilation and insulation is bad for your health, according to Tersteeg. An ergometer training is often done with high intensity for maximum effect. ‘Many rowers say that they feel stuffy during training. Everyone complains that there is too little oxygen.’

With the renovation Argo wants to give the current rowers more space, plus  move and enlarge the training room. ‘The shed is high enough to increase the floor area of the ergometer attic. After that we want to improve the air circulation and insulate the area. Except for the roof there is nothing else. In the winter it is as cold as outside and in the summer it is too warm.’

Project Space to Breathe1.jpg

For this project, which will be conducted in the coming ten to fifteen years, the students will need 90.000 euro. Argo currently does not have the financial means. That is why the student rowing association is trying to raise money using crowdfunding. Starting from 1 January 2017 people can donate money for their project.

The renovation is not only interesting for the Argo rowers, Argo emphasizes. Other (rowing) sport associations, schools, companies can use the new training facilities in the future.