News - February 7, 2013

Argo reveals key to success

Who? Madeleen Brouwer
What? Argo jubilee symposium committee member for PR
Where? The rowing club is holding a symposium as part of its celebrations of its 100th anniversary

It's not every day that you hear of a sport club organizing a symposium!
'No. We had a look and it does seem that Argo has never organized anything like this before. We have inĀ­vited four different speakers who will be telling us what they see as the key to success at the top in rowing and other sports. The theme is mainly about sport but we think that what they have to say will be applicable in other areas too. Your career, for instance. The speakers will cover subjects like the role of mental aspects, diet, coaching and the individual athlete. Of course it's also nice to see where you might end up as a former Argonaut: the symposium is being chaired by Gerrit Hiemstra, who is a former Argonaut, for example.'
How many people are you expecting?
'About 200. They will mainly be members and former members but hopefully we'll get other students and Wageningen residents as well. Former Argonauts are still very involved, which is nice to see. All the speakers at the symposium said 'yes' without hesitation when we asked them. Afterwards Alexander Pechtold will be auctioning artworks: four works made especially for the jubilee celebrations will be going under the hammer.
Unfortunately he never rowed with Argo.' 

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