News - September 14, 2015

Argo misses the podium at student championships

Linda van der Nat

The women of the student rowing club Argo did not manage to win a medal at the European University Rowing Championships (EUC). The women’s coxless pair came fourth, the lightweight women’s team came fifth.

Last weekend the six Agronautes  travelled to Hannover to give the EUC a try. Unfortunately, they did not succeed in winning a medal. The race was especially exciting for Nynke Groot Koerkamp and Tessa van Hateren. ‘At two thirds of the race number 2,3 and 4 were still in line,’ says Nynke. Finally the two just missed the podium, but ‘for Tessa and me it was still a good finish to our competition rowing times.’

The lightweight women were rowing against teams with high levels of skills. The four students could not achieve more than a fifth place. And still Argo can be proud of their first year competition rowers, says Nynke. ‘It is a good international experience to take with them for future careers. They have shown what they have got, which is a good promise for their season as second year rowers.’

Photo: Marco van Doorn