Student - February 9, 2016

Argo christened two new boats

‘Hylas’ and ‘Hera’, these are the names of the new boats of the student rowing club W.S.R. Argo. The two new assets were christened on Friday with a dash of Rhine water.

Photo: Aart-Jan van de Glind

The christening of the boats took place at the home base of Argo, at the Grebbedijk. Dutch Champion and former top rower of Argo, Linde Gommers-Verbeek and rector magnificus Arthur Mol poured a small vessel of Rhine water over the two boats to wish them a safe voyage.

Grommers-Verbeek recalled her time at Argo, when she had to leave ‘the wild Wageningen’  to join other cities due to lack of a rowing partner. She christened ‘Hera’, a Double Scull for the lightweight women. Gommers Verbeek was also a light woman and as a mentor she regularly has young rowers at her house. Mol, who christened the Coxed four, also rowed during his student days, although recreational, and described the times that he lost his peddles on the Rhine. After the christening the boats were placed in the water for their first journey on the Rhine.

According to tradition the two boats were named after characters from the sage of Jason and the Argonauten. Hylas was one of the oarsmen on Jason's ship, Goddess Hera helped Jason on his search for the Golden Fleece. With ‘Hylas’  and ‘Hera’ Argo now has seventy boas in the boathouse. The two together cost about 25.000 euro.

Filmmaker Daniel Dreadson was present at the boat baptism.

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