Student - June 25, 2015

Application prevents misuse of laboratory-coats

Rob Ramaker

A new computer system prevents students from August on to pick up more than one free laboratory coat at the WUR-shop.

Photo: FireFawkes

Students who pick up a laboratory coat after 1 August, get a digital record. If they try this again, the WUR card indicates they already have a laboratory coat. The opportunity is created via a new computer system that is primarily intended to follow students, when they are obliged to be present at a practical for example. The system is currently being developed by the IT department.

Wageningen students who follow 'wet' laboratory courses, are entitled to a one-time free laboratory coat and safety glasses. In practice, to the annoyance of the university, more lab coats are being collected than there are rightful students. Every year 28 thousand euro is spent on the regulation.

In 2014 the Executive Board collided with the Student Council over the free laboratory coat. The board wanted to abolish the regulation to put an end to the abuse. Eventually, the Student Council put a stop to this. The councilors argued that the basic responsibility for the university is to provide safety equipment.

This system was one of the solutions that was brought forward by the Student Council at the time. We therefore applaud this principle.
Jan-Willem Kortlever, Student Council member on behalf of CSF

The current Student Council expresses satisfaction that there is now an application against abuse. "This system was one of the solutions the Student Council has put forward back then," said Jan-Willem Kortlever, Student Council member on behalf of CSF. ‘We thus welcome this principle.’ He is still careful as long as the council has not received official information from the university.

This study year already the WUR shop attempts to prevent people from picking up multiple lab, says Ronald Landesman, manager at Studystore. Initially he put a mark on the proof of registration, with a permanent marker. Since he knows that students remove it with acetone for example, he cuts a hole in the evidence. 'I also ask people whether they already picked up a laboratory coat before,' said Esman. 'If they deny it, I can do no more. Even if I recognize them.'

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  • Wakker Vlees

    Belachelijk dat hier een app voor ontwikkeld moet worden. Geef eerstejaars in de eerste week gewoon een tegoedbon voor één labjas, als ze hem kwijtraken of de labjas gaat kapot kopen ze maar een nieuwe.

  • wakker vlees

    Slimme zet.. Labjassen zijn geen speeltjes..Het is een serieuze zaak.
    @broer konijn: slimme vraag van je!

  • Simone

    Eindelijk een systeem om dit ogenschijnlijk simpele probleem op te lossen.

    Mag de studentenraad nu die 28 duizend euro, die nog jarenlang verspild zou zijn geweest als de sc dit topic niet had aangedragen, aan iets anders leuks gaan toekennen?

    • Rob Ramaker

      De 28 duizend is voor de gehele regeling en die wordt dus niet in zijn geheel 'verspild'.

    • Broer Konijn


      Werkt dit ook andersom? Loze regelingen van het SC, belachelijk eisen die de RvB nooit kan inwilligen, vergadergelden bovenop FOS en niet te vergeten de extra overhead van het SC?

      Leuk dat de SC hierbij zichzelf op de schouder klopt, maar ga nou niet te hoog van de toren afblazen.