News - December 13, 2012

App for weather data at Veenkampen

There are numerous apps in circulation for keeping you informed about the weather.

But none of them use the most precise data for the Wageningen area: those of the Veenkampen weather station belonging to the Meteorology and Air Quality Chair Group. Dennis Morren, a student of electrical engineering at the further education college ROC A12, saw the gap in the market and went into action. He made a simple, freely downloadable app for Wageningen weather data. The app shows current figures on temperature, wind speed and direction, air pressure and rainfall amounts. It is version 1.0, says Morren apologetically. If the app proves successful, he promises that an improved version will follow. As part of his coursework, Morren has already developed an extensive app based on data from Both apps can be downloaded free from Play Store. Search terms: DM Productions, or Veenkampen.