News - March 22, 2012

Anything But Clothes

The dreary winter is over, crocuses are coming up all around us and skirts day is just around the corner. To add to the spring feeling, H14 threw its tenth house party last week. The theme was ABC: Anything But Clothes.

The publicity left no room for doubt: if you don't stick to the theme, you won't get in. The lads of H14 could not enforce the rule 100 percent but they certainly did their best. JJ: ‘A really tall bloke turned up at the door. I said, you can't come in like that, you are not in fancy dress. "Yes but I am French", he tried. Ten minutes later he had pulled his T-shirt over his head, so I had mercy on him.'
Hosts JJ and Mohamed are raring to go. ‘These are two hygiene aprons from the factory', says JJ. But he is proudest of his snazzy underpants with their leopard skin print. Mohamed rediscovered his love of craftwork in making his costume. ‘Back to my childhood', he beams.

The DJ's in two different rooms played lively stubdep and drum ‘n bass. But the real action was in the corridors and many corners of the house. It was reported on Facebook the next day that 62 percent of the H14 residents ‘scored'.

Mister Facebook was a popular guest. You could ‘like' him by putting a message on his ‘wall'. ‘Fantastic how much trouble people went to over their costumes', beams Mohamed.

The guests needed stamina. The corridor was almost impenetrable, it was so full. At three o'clock people were still desperately trying to get in. JJ found a kissing couple in the kitchen at five thirty. ‘I showed them the door.'