Organisation - June 1, 2015

Another four MOOCs in the making

Koen Guiking

The university will develop another four Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). These courses have been selected out of seven submissions.

The MOOCs that will be created, and coming online in 2016 are:

  • ‘Food for all: from poverty reduction to food access’, provided by a large number of chair groups of Department of Social Sciences in cooperation with the chair group Plant production systems.
  • ‘Bio based Economy’, organized by the chair group Bio-process Engineering
  • ‘Sustainable soil management: an introduction into soil degradation and conservation ', organized by the chair group Soil Physics and land management.
  • 'Practical animal behavior', organized by the chair group Behavioral Ecology.

Above mentioned online courses are being funded by the university. On a ‘call for proposals’, seven submissions were sent. Four of them could be honored.

Early May was also announced that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science funds the development of two new Wageningen MOOCs "Future food production: food system analysis," a co-production of the chair groups Animal production systems, Plant production systems and Environmental systems analysis and ‘Nutrition and health: food safety’, a course of the chair groups Food Microbiology and Toxicology.

In a short while six MOOCs will be added.

The first two Wageningen MOOCs started in January 2015. Those were ‘Nutrition and health: macro-nutrients and over nutrition 'and' Future food production: crops. Both courses will be given again this summer, from 15 June until early October. For the course 'Nutrition and Health' also a second part will be created. That course starts on 9 November and runs for six weeks.

Moreover in November an additional MOOC will be launched by the consortium Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions. TU Delft and Wageningen University have developed the open online course together "Introduction to metropolitan challenges and solutions’.

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  • Klaas Swart

    Joop, jouw eerste vraag: "wat levert het ons als studenten op?" is zuiver en alleen rendementsdenken. Moet dat nou? daar willen 'de studenten' toch vanaf?
    Jouw suggestie: "ze kunnen dat geld beter gebruiken voor goed campusonderwijs!" roept om de vraag: geef nu concreet aan wat er verbeterd moet worden aan het campusonderwijs. Jouw oproep "ze kunnen ... etc" is op zich weinig constructief. Als je mee wilt werken aan verbeteringen, ben je van harte welkom, bv bij een studievereniging, een opleidingscommissie, de studentenraad, etc.

  • Joop W

    Leuk voor de publiciteit, maar wat levert het ons als studenten op ? Niets, of heel weinig. En hoeveel studenten gaat dit opleveren voor de universiteit ? Dat is toch de bedoeling ?

    Ze kunnen dat geld beter gebruiken voor goed campus onderwijs ! Al dan niet deels digitaal.