News - May 10, 2016

Anne van den Ban passed away

Rob Ramaker

Anne van den Ban, professor emeritus Information Science at Wageningen University, passed away in the night of Friday to Sunday at the age of 88.

Photo: Guy Ackermans

His name will live on in his foundation which allows talented people from developing countries to study in Wageningen.

Van den Ban was actively involved until an old age. For example, (prospective) students could meet him at the information market during the AID and, as Argo recalls, he always enjoyed rowing. In 2011 he was knighted by the rector at the time Martin Kropff for his merits both scientifically as socially. The WUR-library made his oeuvre digitally available in February 2008.

As a scientist Van den Ban was known as the founder of Information Science in Wageningen. He pioneered with research on the most effective ways to share knowledge on new agricultural methods to the farmers. In 1983 he voluntarily left to work as advisor in developing countries.

Also for the current students and employees Van den Ban a concept due to the equally named foundation that he founded in 1992. Since then 258 students from developing countries came to Wageningen with a scholarship. Currently 19 people are studying at Wageningen University with the Anne van den Ban Foundation scholarship.