Organisation - July 11, 2015

Alternative access cancelled

Roelof Kleis

Wageningen UR and the province are not in favour of an alternative to the northern access through the test fields directly behind the campus. Both parties have informed the municipality about that.

Such an alternative is according to WUR and the province too costly, too unsafe and makes too big a drain on the existing test fields. The alternative to the northern access via the Bornsesteeg was proposed by the Wageningen municipal council. The road would run from Bornsesteeg close to the campus and then parallel to the Mansholtlaan to the Kielekampsteeg. That route would disturb the ecology of the Binnenveld less.

Tijs Breuking of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR, at that time already immediately responded dismissive. In consultation with the province there is an official rejection now. The alternative route is as according to  stakeholders two to three times more expensive than the access via the Bornsesteeg and will have a price tag of at least 2.5 million. To connect the new road to the Bornsesteeg and the Kielekampsteeg two t-junctions are also required, which are risky for cyclists.

The new road, according to Wageningen UR, also cuts through major test fields. According to the WUR there is currently already a shortage of undistorted test fields with an uniform quality and creating new test fields takes years. The alternative route is thus according to the mayor and aldermen due to lack of support no longer an option.