Science - April 23, 2019

Alcohol consumption in the home underestimated

Albert Sikkema

People in the Netherlands underestimate the amount of alcohol they consume, according to a study done in the Human Nutrition and Health division. We tend to fill our glass more than consumer researchers assume.


If people say they drink seven glasses of wine a week, how much alcohol do they consume? Myrthe de Beukelaar, who is doing a master’s in Nutrition and Health, wanted know the answer. So she compared the amount of wine and spirits people drank at home with the Dutch standard, which says that one glass of wine contains 100 millilitres and one glass of gin or whisky contains 35 millilitres. But in reality De Beukelaar observed that at home we pour 130 millilitres of wine into a glass and 47 millilitres of spirits, if the habits of 200 adults in and around Wageningen are anything to go by.

Her findings and conclusion, that the amount that is drunk in the Dutch home is underestimated, are published this month in the scientific journal Public Health Nutrition.

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  • Antoon VALCKX HOEX

    Bij de belastingdienst voor de horeca rekent men op 8 glazen per fles wijn, om thuis niet zo krenterig te schijnen schenken we vaak wat meer, maar een lege fles is een lege fles en dus meestal het einde van het schenken.