Student - February 25, 2016


Running delays the development of cancer, a Danish study at the University of Copenhagen has shown. The shot of adrenalin released by an intensive run causes tumours in mice to shrink to half their size. The adrenalin helps special immune cells known as natural killers to find their way to the cancer cells. Conclusion? Exercise is good for mice!


Microbiologists at the University of Uppsala have discovered a new group of archaea. One of the habitats of the microbes is underground in Yellowstone National Park in the US. The organisms survive without light or oxygen by using carbon monoxide as fuel. This makes them our opposites: we human beings do not cope well with carbon monoxide. The newly discovered ‘creatures’ have been aptly named Hades archaea, after the Greek god of the underworld.

To bed

Norwegian scientists have found a strong link between school results and sleep. School students of between 16 and 19 years of age who go to bed between 10 and 11 o’clock get the highest grades, on average. Going to bed later leads to lower grades. But so does going to bed any earlier! The same goes for lying abed at weekends. Regular doses of sufficient sleep are the answer. The good news: it doesn’t make a huge difference, just a couple of percent.

Mighty Mouse

Male mice prefer films of fighting to porn, shows a Japanese study at Azabu University. The researchers gave mice the choice of watching films on smartphones of three kinds of behaviour: copulating, fighting or snuffling. The mice chose the films showing fighting above those showing sex or snuffling. In their defence it has to be said that the mice were virgins. They didn’t know any better.