News - August 10, 2018

AID participants without room can camp on university grounds


The AID is just around the corner, but not everyone has found a place to stay yet. That’s why a camping site will be opened to allow all AID participants to stay the night in Wageningen.

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‘We received many questions from people who have not found a room or place to sleep yet’, says Julia Besselink, chair of the AID board. ‘We think everyone should be able to participate in the AID, and so we came up with the camping site.’

The temporary camping site will be on a grassy area behind Axis-Z, the former Technotron. ‘It had to be a large enough site on WUR grounds where we do not cause excessive inconvenience for the local residents’, says Sjef Moling, WUR project leader for the AID. ‘There is enough room for three hundred AID campers at the location.’ About a hundred participants have already registered. Moling expects this to increase to somewhere between 250 and 300. ‘My experience is that new students often arrange such things at the last minute.’

The temporary camping site will be located behind Axis-Z. © Google Maps

Bring your own
On Thursday 16 August, restrooms and showers will be placed at the temporary camping site. Staying for the week will come at a cost of 25 euros. AID participants will need to bring their own tent, air mattress and sleeping bag. After the introduction week, which will last from 17 to 22 August, the camping site will be taken down again.

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  • Lout

    Is er stroom op de campingplekken? Voor telefoons/lampen/koelboxen etc.


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  • Linda

    De link voor het aanmelden bestaat niet meer.
    Hoe kan mijn zoon zich aanmelden?

  • Linda

    Bestaat deze camping nog steeds? Onze zoon heeft nog steeds geen kamer en kan nergens slapen.

  • Linda

    Bestaat deze camping nog steeds? Onze zoon heeft nog steeds geen kamer en kan nergens slapen.

  • Stan Kovács

    Hoi, ik heb nog geen slaapplek en zou graag op de camping camperen.
    Groetjes Stan

    • Redactie

      Hoi Stan, een plek op de camping reserveren kan hier:

  • Renaat Van Rompaey

    Wildkamperen is in het Buiten gebied niet toegestaan. Verwijs de studenten door naar bestaande campings.