News - June 12, 2020

AID 2020: Social distancing Introduction Days

Luuk Zegers

The General Introduction Days (AID) will be split in two. This, and additional measures, are to ensure adherence to the one-and-a-half-metre-rule among AID attendants.

This is not how the AID will look this summer. © Marte Hofsteenge

Not one, but two AID introductions this year. From 13 through 16 August, and from 18 through 21 August. This is just one of the many adjustments made by the AID board to ensure the introduction can still take place, despite corona, says chair Jessie Beirnaert. ‘By spreading the total number of participants over two times four days, you create more room.’

‘Moreover, we have designed the programme in such a way that there are always three different activities scheduled simultaneously,’ Beirnaert continues. ‘So, only a third of the group will be present at any given location. The groups rotate so that everyone can attend all sessions. In this way, our AID is in keeping with the RIVM guidelines.’

By spreading the total number of participants over two times four days, you create more room
AID-chair Jessie Beirnaert

No cantus
Some traditional AID activities are difficult to split up and have been scheduled online. ‘An online interactive pub quiz will replace the Crossing Borders activity.’ Other activities, such as the traditional cantus, are cancelled for this year. ‘A cantus at a distance of one and a half metres with beer -  we would have loved it, but it really is impossible.’

The evening programme will also be different. ‘There will be no physical parties at the student associations in the evenings. The associations must devise new ways to introduce themselves to the new students. In consultation with the associations, we are checking what possibilities there are. Will first-year students be able to visit the location to see for themselves what student life at the association is like?’

Thinking in terms of possibilities
As a result of these measures, no more than three hundred AID participants will be on campus at any one time, Beirnaert says. ‘They will be spread out over Forum, Orion and Leeuwenborch. Other groups will have a sports day or bicycle tour at the same time. This will allow us to stick to the social distancing requirements as best we can.’

The AID board tries to focus on possibilities, Beirnaert emphasises. ‘We focus on what we can do: first-year students will still have the opportunity to get to know new people, their programme, the city and everything Wageningen has to offer. If this cannot be done physically due to the corona measures, we offer the best possible alternative.’