Student - February 12, 2015

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Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have discovered a kind of internal DNA clock. If the clock ticks faster than average, you die earlier. The clock looks at the speed at which DNA reacts with methyl. We are just one step away from a lifespan predictor. Interesting development for the insurance companies.

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It is possible to maintain good mental health into old age. Start meditating! Researchers at the University of California have discovered that meditation keeps the brain healthy. Meditating brains lose grey matter at a slower rate. But you must have stamina. The group of meditators studied had been at it for an average of 46 years. The study says nothing about meditators who did not live as long…

Girls are outstripping boys at school almost all over the world, shows research at the University of Missouri. The researchers looked at the attainment levels of 15-yearolds in reading, mathematics and science. Political, economic or social inequalities have no effect at all. Only in Colombia, Costa Rica and one region of India are boys doing better.

Counting and ranking things is a hereditary trait. Young chicks do it using a line of numbers that runs from left to right, reveals an elegant Italian study at the University of Padua. In 70 percent of the cases chicks make an accurate estimate of whether a quantity is larger (right) or smaller (left) than the base quantity they have learned. Smart chicks.