News - January 25, 2007

A taste of business

Over ninety students, most dressed in suits, visited the WICC in Wageningen on Thursday 18 January to get acquainted with potential employers. Plastic bags were quickly filled with advertising material from companies like KPMG, ING and The Boston Consulting Group.

‘I was pleasantly surprised,’ says Max Jonkers. A first-year Master’s student in Business and Consumer Studies at Wageningen University, he’s just had a ‘speed-date’ with the consultancy firm GFK. These informal one-to-one talks were part of the business day, held by Mercurius student association.

The organisers had chosen the theme ‘Working WUR Wide’ to emphasise Wageningen’s strengths. ‘Wageningen graduates can end up in all sorts of areas,’ explained Martin Houwing, one of the organisers. The business day is a good way to start looking around.

The companies are also keen to promote themselves. In addition to the speed-dates there are workshops with titles like ‘risk management’ and ‘consulting cases’. These are everyday subjects for the students of Business and Consumer Studies, including Max, a student rushing on to the next workshop. ‘I want to get to know as many companies as possible today. You can’t start soon enough, can you?’ he says enthusiastically.