News - June 1, 2015

A living room for entire Wageningen community

A group of young people is busy with the creation of ‘THUIS’, a common living room in the city center of Wageningen. As of early July, residents can meet at Stationsstraat 32 to share their talents, ideas and things.

Foto's: Aart-Jan van de Glind

Tutku Yuksel, student International Development studies and also involved in PopUpClub, is one of the founders. ‘The concept is a common living room for people living in Wageningen: students, residents, the international community, young, old, all mixed.’ Elsje van de Weg, common-creator and working in Wageningen: ‘We want more solidarity and more liveliness in town’.

The founders Elsje van de Weg (L) and Tutku Yuksel in the common living room of THUIS.
The founders Elsje van de Weg (L) and Tutku Yuksel in the common living room of THUIS.

In the living room there will be a stage for music and theater and a large table where people can work at. Moreover there is a kitchen in the property, so there are also possibilities to cook together. Tutku: ‘We want an open entry in the living room, but in dialogue with visitors and partners there will also be a program with for example workshops and discussion evenings.’ The values: creativity, sharing and curiosity, take center stage.

In the building at the Stationsstraat senior center De Wielewaag used to be located. Tutku and her friends knew that the property was empty and that it had a social destination. ‘Quite cheeky we contacted the real estate agent and a week later we got the key. It went very fast. Mister Breunissen, the real estate agent and owner of the property, is very committed to the city and was convinced that our idea contributes to a nicer Wageningen. For the finances we contacted a few funds.’

Volunteers are still working, painting and cleaning to finalize the building before use. On June 28th, during the LEEFfestival, THUIS will open her doors with a couple of workshops. At the beginning of July the common living room will officially open.

The founders are still looking for people who can do DIY-jobs or who would like to contribute in another way. Interested parties can contact them via