News - May 7, 2018

A familiar smell of grass, sunscreen and beer at Liberation festival (photos)

Liza van Kapel

The perfect weather and ideal atmosphere were defining for the Wageningen Liberation festival last Saturday. The festivities ranged from a technobreakfast to singing along to covers of André Hazes. And the masses for the veterans’ procession, of course.

© Guy Ackermans

For many students, the sunny Liberation festival started with an awakening at the popular technobreakfast at the Binnenveld. But people quickly started gathering at the various stages in and around the town centre to enjoy the music and a drink or two, and as there were no security portals this year, some even brought their own. The familiar smell of grass, sunscreen and beer quickly filled the air.

Blissful smiles
Around half past three, people started flowing in from all directions for the parade, with the crowds forming along the route and even people climbing the lampposts for a better view of the veterans, who were once again driven around in traditional vehicles with blissful smiles on their faces, greatly enjoying all the attention.

The main stage was moved again this year and was located on the parking near the park. According to the visitors, this was not a great move: there was no way of getting through the crowd around the beginning of a new act. Perhaps this worked as a deterrent, as it was strikingly calm during the final act, the Daredevils. But whether the crowd was big or not, they were able to have a great Liberation party with mixed covers ranging from André Hazes to ACDC.

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Liberation Day 2018