News - July 7, 2011

€8,500 for second round students

Students at Wageningen UR who want to start all over again on a second degree programme after finishing their first will have to dig deep into their pockets from this September.

 Tuition fees for a second round have been set at around 8,500 euros. In doing this, Wageningen is following the same course as most other Dutch universities. It has very little choice, says policy staff member Michèle Gimbrère. 'We will not be getting any more government funding for those students. Keeping fee levels down for this group would not be fair to other students.'
It will remain possible to follow two degree programmes at the same time. Gimbrère offers a tip that it can be strategic to give some thought to your graduation dates: if you graduate for one degree programme on 1 October, you can continue studying towards the second one until the end of that academic year for standard fees.
In any case, the consequences for Wageningen University would appear to be limited. Because Wageningen only offers two-year Master's courses, few students here take two programmes either simultaneously or one after the other. Gimbrère does point out that 'switchers' transferring from applied sciences (HBO) degrees to universities will now have a maximum of one year for their bridging programme (30 ECTS credits). If they exceed that time, they will also have to pay the higher tuition fees.