Science - September 22, 2016

5 seconds

Food that has been on the floor for less than five seconds is safe to eat. This rule of thumb is a myth, shows microbiological research at the American Rutgers University. The risk of contamination has at least as much to do with the kind of food and flooring than with the contact time. The moister the food, the faster contamination goes. For a piece of melon one second is too long.


Walk up and down and I’ll tell you how aggressive you are. Possible, say psychologists at the university of Portsmouth. They demonstrated a link between the way people walk and aggression. Aggressive people have a more swinging gait, twisting their bodies more at the hips. The psychologists have offered to train police in spotting aggressive types. ‘Halt! I don’t like the way you walk, Sir.’


Spanish and Austrian researchers have proven a link between crooked teeth and a person’s balance. The straighter the teeth, the better the balance. The effect is mainly revealed when people are tired. The psychologists advise top sportspeople to get their teeth checked. A brace can help with more than you think.


Taking frequent selfies makes you a happier person. Researchers at the University of California discovered this. Just one photo a day is enough to have an effect. You have to be smiling on the photo, otherwise it doesn’t work. What makes this finding even nicer is that it works on other people too. Send someone a photo you think will make them happy and… they’ll be happy. Scientifically proven. Really.