Student - January 9, 2019

35 new student rooms on the Lawickse Allee

Luuk Zegers

A total of 35 new dorm rooms have been completed in wing of the WICC (Wageningen International Congress Centre) on the Lawickse Allee. The first residents are expected to move in within two weeks.

© KBS Vastgoedbeheer

‘It is not the average student dorm’, says Kelly Hendriks-de Grood of KBS Vastgoedbeheer. ‘We offer a higher grade of luxury and more facilities.’ This includes cleaners who come twice a week to take care of the shared toilets and showers. ‘It is somewhere in between a student room and a studio.’ Young workers may also apply for the rooms.

This level of luxury does come at a price: the tenants will pay from 452.96 euros for 17.5 m² to 523.69 euros for 23.5 m². Showers, toilets and other facilities, such as a large open plan kitchen (including an electric stove with 28 plates), are shared.

Open plan kitchen, with a 28-plate electric stove, 5 ovens and 5 microwaves. © KBS Vastgoedbeheer

Changed plans
The initial plan was to build hundreds (article in Dutch) of new student rooms in the WICC (the former Court of Wageningen). Those plans were changed: for the moment, the number will no increase passed 35. Why the plans were changed is not clear; the owner of the WICC was unavailable for comments due to circumstances.

There are still around thirty rooms available. Interested parties can register with KBS Vastgoedbeheer (website in Dutch).

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