News - September 28, 2006

35 million for Wetsus

Wetsus, the inter-university research institute for sustainable water technology, will receive 35 million euros from the Dutch state to transform itself into a Technological Top Institute (TTI) for Water Technology.

The amount, which is listed in the recently published National Budget, comes from the Fund for Structural Economic Strengthening and is intended for the 2007-2012 period. It represents a doubling of the contributions promised by the fifty companies and ten research institutions involved. The TTI for Water Technology can now get off to a flying start, thanks to the foundations laid by its predecessor Wetsus.

One of the directors of the institute will be Professor Cees Buisman, chair of Biological Recycling Technology at Wageningen University, and currently scientific director of Wetsus. Sustainability will remain the keyword for the technological institute, in which sixty to eighty researchers will apply themselves to subjects such as recovering energy and raw materials from wastewater, water purification, and the restoration of natural cycles.