News - January 12, 2017

24 refugees in Idealis rooms

Linda van der Nat

Since October 24 Idealis has been housing 24 refugees in one of its complexes. The refugees hold temporary resident permits and are all living in rooms with their own facilities.

Attempts to accommodate status holders in student houses with shared facilities have so far come to nothing. ‘Residents were given the option of registering if they wanted a refugee as a housemate but we have received only eight responses,’ said spokesperson Hellen Albers. ‘That is not many, but it can be explained. Registration is voluntary; every housemate has to agree to it and at some locations, students are living ten or more to a corridor.’

The eight student houses that have registered have not yet been assigned a refugee. Albers: ‘On the one hand, this is because no rooms became available at the right moment, but it is also because the status holders showed little interest in a student room with shared facilities.’

By 1 July, Idealis must be providing accommodation for 50 status holders. This has been agreed with the municipal council. The refugees concerned are young people who speak English and preferably are still studying. Idealis hopes that student houses will sign up even now. The accommodation agency will ensure a good match between the student house and the refugee and extra guidance will be provided.