News - May 21, 2015

23,000 Kilos of art

Roelof Kleis

Willem Berkhemer’s Man with Bull has arrived on campus. One day later than planned because the bull could not tear itself away from


The artwork was literally nailed to the ground. This became clear when Rooseboom removal firm from Ede wanted to hoist the heavy concrete hulk onto the low loader. Thirty tons of pulling force was not enough to shift the animal from its spot. The reason was four concrete pillars which anchored the base it stands on firmly in the ground.

A specialized company was asked to saw through the pillars. But by then it was the end of the day. Early the next day the bull (with man) moved to Wageningen after all. And by eight o’clock the artwork, with its 23,000 kilo base, was in place on the field in front of the right wing of Zodiac. Its last move perhaps. Man with Bull was made by Willem Berkhemer in 1965 for the Institute for Livestock Research (IV) on Schoonoord estate in Zeist. The statue moved to Lelystad in 1995 when the IVO was merged into the Institute for livestock (ID-DLO). There the statue stood near the drive. With the staff moving from Lelystad to Wageningen, the Man with Bull has come too.