News - December 31, 2016

2017 will be my year because … I will travel without a plan

The Wageningen campus is usually calm in the days around the turn of the year. It is a time to look forward to the new year. Resource asked several students and staff members why 2017 is going to be their year. Roos van de Logt tells us of her travel plans for 2017.

Roos van de Logt, bachelor’s student in Biology

'I visited Ecuador before I started studying. Now that I have finished my bachelor’s, I will travel back to South America, to Peru and Colombia. I am both better and less prepared for this trip: I have a better idea of what to expect, but I have less planned out. I feel that this way, adventure is easier to find. I can decide on the spot to stay longer in a specific location and perhaps even find some work.

I really want to learn how to be a traveller, instead of a tourist who merely checks off a list of Lonely Planet recommendations. That’s why I want to get in touch with the locals: it is the best way to get to know a country and its language and culture. Establishing contacts is important and informative, but I am a bit shy by nature, so there’s room for improvement there.

There are many other things I want to do as well: improve my Spanish and learn to surf and dance salsa. But what I want most is to gain a lot of experience in practice: when studying, you are taught how to devise plans, but not how to execute them. There are so many practical aspects that you are unaware of. I want to experience these, so that I can integrate all that knowledge.

I really hope I will get very bored. At home, you have a life: there is always something to do. That is nice, but that background noise is ever present. By leaving all my belongings and worries behind, I hope to have more freedom. To allow me to draw a tree for three hours, if I feel like it, for example.’