Organisation - December 10, 2015

2015 in 20 questions

Roelof Kleis

There’s no such thing as a boring year for news. When you look back you are always amazed at how much happened. 2015 is no exception to the rule. Why is Helix still empty? What is wrong with the nude in the Restaurant of the Future? All this and more in the traditional end-of-year quiz. The answers are on page 29. But have a go yourself first!

1. ‘I don’t fret about it.’ Who?

A. Martin Kropff wouldn’t dream of another term as rector

B. Martian gardener Wieger Wamelink doesn’t want to go to Mars in Mars One

C. Huub Savelkoul refuses to hand out the Teacher of the Year award because he wasn’t nominated

D. Adriaan Geuze doesn’t want to see his performance on TV chat show Zomergasten

2. PhD candidate no longer have to translate the summary of their thesis into Dutch. Why not?

A. Because foreign PhD candidates cannot read Dutch

B. Because foreign PhD supervisors cannot read Dutch

C. Because the new rector thinks a Dutch summary is nonsense

D. Because the language of communication at the university is English

3. It drives the IT department crazy. What does?

A. The helpdesk is often unreachable because so many users call in with simple questions

B. Users fall en masse for fake emails from cyber-criminals

C. More and more people access the internet from smartphones and tablet, slowing down the Wifi

D. The network cannot cope with the success of the online MOOCs

4. ‘I am not a really top researcher.’ Who?

A. Marten Scheffer explains why he likes chilling out

B. Alumnus Jeroen Dijsselbloem in College Tour

C. The new dean Richard Visser in his job interview

D. Nutrition prof Frans Kok in his parting interview

5. What did the unions gain in the new DLO labour agreement?

A. Trick question! There is no new agreement. The CAO negotiations are still stuck.

B. 7% more pay and a T-shirt saying ‘Tijs Breukink is a boss!’

C. 3% more pay and as many holidays as WU colleagues

D. 1.5% pay rise twice, and a one-off bonus of 1.5%

6. There is to be a biodiverse trial garden next to Rikilt where students can grow vegetables. What is it called?

A. The Field

B. The Spot

C. Eat!

D. Strawberry Fields

7. The university is considering introducing evening lectures. Why?

A. The classrooms are cosier in the evening

B. A lot of students are evening people

C. There isn’t enough space for all the lectures during daytime

D. We want to be number 1 in the Dutch higher education guide again next year

8. ‘Wow!’ Who?

A. Louise Fresco sees a portion of fries

B. Louise Fresco hears that she is the most powerful woman in science, according to Opzij magazine

C. Louise Fresco reads that 2016 is the year of the pulse

D. Louise Fresco sees the mural in Orion

9. Why is Helix still unoccupied?

A. Future users think the building stinks

B. There are problems with the air extraction system

C. Due to a calculation error lots of large machinery cannot be got through the entrance

D. We’re waiting until Queen Maxima can open the building

10. Who didn’t visit the campus in 2015?

A. Constantijn, Prince of Orange

B. Dennis and Valerio of BNN

C. Sheikh Wasina, prime minister of Bangladesh

D. Karmenu Vella, European commissioner for environment, maritime affairs and fisheries

11. Wageningen University is doing great! But which claim doesn’t hold?

A. Wageningen is number one in the Dutch higher education guide, Keuzegids

B. Wageningen is the world’s leading agricultural university

C. Wageningen has the highest percentage of female full professors

D. Wageningen provides the best facilities for students with a disability

12. Which is the odd one out?


A. Fox

B. Mole

C. Wolf

D. Lam

13. Rowing with Argo is popular with Wageningen students because…

A. New members get a nude calendar with their choice of male or female Argo rowers

B. The clubhouse roof is full of solar panels

C. The prices in the canteen are ludicrously low

D. Argo is a sporty alternative to a student society

14. The Wageningen Warriors have been promoted to the first division. In which sport?

A. Lacrosse

B. Quidditch

C. Underwater hockey

D. Zwerkbal

15. Martian gardener Wieger Wamelink harvested the first Martian vegetable in June. What was it?

A. Radish
B. Potato

C. Poppy seed

D. Cherry tomato

16. The first evening lecture on campus drew a full house. Why?

A. Astronaut André Kuipers came to talk about his fear of heights

B. K3 candidate Pippi-Lotte Maessen was performing

C. Student Sterrin Smalbrugge was talking about how she loves her pets

D. TV biologist Freek Vonk brought along a king cobra

17. Paintings of nude seniors at the Restaurant of the Future caused an outcry. Why?

A. Some people felt the paintings ruined their appetites

B. Some people found the paintings offensive

C. Some people thought the paintings tasteless

D. Some people thought the paintings overly sensational

18. Students are going to the psychologist more often. Why?

A. The binding study advice is causing more dropouts

B. The Ziggo deal is bugging a lot of students

C. The shortage of accommodation forces many students to commute

D. The current academic climate is stressful

19. ‘I get a bit sentimental when I smell gunpowder.’ Who?

A. Argo rower Marten Breeuwer on the best moment of the race: the starting shot

B. Transvaal president Stef Heijink on his shooting course with the Ministry of Defense

C. Campus manager Petra Caessens opposes a firework ban on campus

D. Student Xi Pang at the Chinese New Year celebration in Impulse

20 Why doesn’t Wageningen have a branch in Yantai in China?

A. The executive board was afraid that no more Chinese would come to Wageningen

B. Wageninge UR already has the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre in Beijing

C. The executive board is prioritizing MOOCs

D. The University of Groningen beat us to it

The answers to the quizz questions (page 16):

1. D

2. A

3. B

4. D

5. D

6. A

7. C

8. A

9. B

10. C

11. C

12. C (A: Bram de Vos, new director of Alterra, B: Arthur Mol, new rector, D: Ingrid Lammerse, new director HR... vos = fox; mol = mol; lam = lamb)

13. D

14. A

15. A

16. C

17. ABCD

18. D

19. B

20. C