News - December 18, 2019

13 streets to be named after professors

Roelof Kleis

Thirteen streets in the Kortenoord residential area will be named after former WUR professors. This was announced by the municipality. Among the professors is one woman.

The streets are part of Kortenoord III, the third phase of the new area on the west side of Wageningen. Kortenoord was previously owned by WUR. In the first two phases of the project, the streets were named after Wageningen artists and athletes. In phase three, it will be the turn of the professors. The list was drawn up in consultation with WUR.

Mien Visser
Among the thirteen names, there is only one woman: professor of Rural Household Economics Mien Visser (1907-1977). She was the first woman professor in Wageningen at the new group in Rural Household Economics. The list of names mainly features stars and celebrities from the early days of the Agricultural College.


The group’s eldest is the German Adolf Mayer (Oldenburg, 1843). Mayer was present from the very beginning of the agricultural education in Wageningen. He became a lecturer in Agricultural Chemistry and Technology in 1876 at the Agricultural College that was established in that year, and which was the forerunner of the university. At that time, he was already a professor of Agricultural Chemistry in Heidelberg. In 1926, he became an honorary doctor at the Agricultural College.

Gerrit Grijns (1865-1944, Animal Physiology) is also on the list. Grijns was the first professor of Animal Physiology in Wageningen. He also stood at the cradle of Food Sciences. He was the first to formulate the working principle of vitamins. In 1929, Grijns was wrongly denied the Nobel Prize for his vitamin research. Earlier this year, a new research collective was named after him: the Gerrit Grijns Initiative.

De Wilde
The list of names is also adorned by Willem Hofstee (1909-1987, Social Geography), Jan Bijhouwer (1898-1974, Garden and Landscape Architecture), Hendrik Quanjer (1879-1961, Phytopathology), Bernard Slicher van Bath (1910-2004, Social History), Henricus Tendeloo (1896-1984, Chemistry), Theodorus Thurlings (1916-1997, National Economics), Jacobus Wellensiek (1899-1990, Horticultural Plant Cultivation) and Jan de Wilde (1916-1983, Phytopathology).