News - March 5, 2020

WUR employee possibly infected  with coronavirus

Tessa Louwerens

A PhD student from the Biosystemics chair group on the second floor in Radix West has been diagnosed positive for Covid-19. He was likely infected by a friend visiting from Milan.

The student was last in the building on the Thursday 27 February and had no health issues at that time. He lives in Utrecht, where he began feeling ill in the course of Friday afternoon 28 February, as a result of what now appears to be a corona infection. The Public Health Services (GGD) Utrecht division is treating this case and is investigating what contacts this student has had that could contribute to a further spreading of the virus.

Immediately following the infection, the regional GGD was contacted. Following the RIVM (the National Institute for Health and the Environment) recommendations, the GGD assumes that there is no risk of colleagues on Wageningen Campus having been infected because the student was not displaying any symptoms at the time.

According to the GGD, all lectures and activities in the building and on campus can continue as usual. WUR adheres to this advice. WUR is currently planning an informative meeting in collaboration with the GGD Ede for all staff and students working or studying in Radix West.

For more information check the WUR-website. New information will be published as soon as it’s available.

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