News - September 6, 2018

Students in Nano want rent refund

Socius’s temporary housing in Nano, the former chemistry building at De Dreijen, has not lived up to expectations, says a group of international students. They are considering organizing a petition and asking for a refund of the first month’s rent.

©Guy Ackermans

Socius, an accommodation provider for young people, had the building converted to create about 250 student rooms in the summer. But on delivery on Saturday 1 September, the rooms, kitchens and bathrooms were not finished, nor had all the areas been cleaned.

That irritates the students as cleaning is included in the rent of 400 euros a month. The furnishings are also the bare minimum, says student Thibault Peyard from France. The rooms have just a bed and a cupboard, the kitchen has only two fridges whereas three were promised and there are no extraction fans, ovens or microwaves. Peyard’s section is working on a petition. ‘We want to pay rent only once the housing is as it should be.’

Socius has worked hard on getting the new accommodation ready on time, says spokesperson Manon Jacobs. Socius has already arranged extra cleaning and fridges. Jacobs also points out that there is a budget for each section that residents can use to furnish their living rooms. ‘A lot of students don’t know that yet.