News - April 10, 2020

New emergency fund for students

Albert Sikkema

University Fund Wageningen (UFW) is asking for money for students who are getting into financial difficulties because of the coronavirus crisis. The crowdfunding campaign has raised over 20,000 euros so far. ‘If you give what you can afford, we’ll make a big difference between us.’

University Fund Wageningen has been hearing from many sources that there are Wageningen students who are badly short of money. Fusien Verloop, acting director of University Fund Wageningen, has heard of students who can no longer pay their rent because they have lost the part-time jobs they did on the side. She has also heard of international students whose grant has been stopped due to the lockdown in their home countries. ‘We want to help those students who are in acute financial difficulties.’

More than half
Half of the target sum (35,000 euros) has already been raised. UFW has donated 1000 euros itself, as has the board of alumni association KLV. The Wageningen Ambassadors, a group of well-known Wageningen alumni, has pledged 10,000 euros. And members of the Executive Board have made donations. In total about 100 donations have been made of between 10 and 500 euros, says Verloop. She appeals to people to join in and donate.

Out of difficulty
Verloop thinks that even a few hundred euros is enough to help a lot of students out of difficulty. UFW is going to consult the university to decide who qualifies most for a contribution from the Emergency Fund.