Science - September 6, 2018

Extra funding for chair groups

Albert Sikkema

The Executive Board decided this summer to allocate an extra 40,000 euros per year to all the chair groups at the university. The funding is intended to help the groups cope with the work pressure and growing student numbers, says rector Arthur Mol.

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The additional funding comes on top of 25,000 euros extra per year allocated to each chair group from this year. This constitutes a systematic increase in budgets. The professors can decide for themselves whether to spend the additional funding on education or research.

The university has 93 chair groups so the measure will cost the Board nearly four million extra. ‘Our financial position permits us this investment,’ says Mol, ‘and it is an acknowledgement of the fact that the work pressure has increased a lot.’

The Student Staff Council has already asked questions about how the extra education funding was being spent. Up to now, the chair groups only seem to have used a little of it to appoint new staff. This autumn the Student Staff Council will investigate how the money is being spent