Organisation - April 21, 2020

A temporary other job within WUR

Four WUR-employees unable to fully or partially carry out their regular tasks have found temporary alternative work within WUR through Matchpoint.


Last week, Matchpoint found other work for a WUR employee who normally supports student practicals. This person is now doing analyses fort he Organic Chemistry chair group. Another three employees have been tasked with a temporary assignment for the Education Support Centre. They will be doing video checks during online exams, to ensure the exams are cheat-proof.

Matchpoint was launched at the start op April, to match supply and demand in work. Joes van Meurs (AFSG), Martine Schroder (ASG) Ine van ’t Land (ASG) and Marike Westra (PSG) are responsible for mediating solutions. Some 15 employees eager to be temporarily deployed elsewhere within WUR have already registered.

Marike Westra calls on staff members to report temporary opportunities to Matchpoint. This could include general or specific tasks. Plant Sciences Group, fore example, is currently looking for support in developing modules.