News - January 28, 2016

Was drop invented to trick foreigners?

I love to try new food, more especially typical, local food. So following the advice of various Dutch people I went to try the famous drop. No, not droppings but drop.

When I saw the black darksome thing they offered me I thought: OK, it’s ugly, but it’s a candy so why not? I like sweet things. So I put it in my mouth and... arghhhh, it was salty. Can you imagine?  A black, salty thing with a Liquorice taste. Sounds like I am describing a medicine, I know, but Dutch people call this candy.

At first I thought drop was a prank that Dutch people pull on foreigners. They like to laugh when we try it, I thought, and that’s the only reason they sell this stuff in the supermarket. But it’s not a prank, they really like it. Even the children. Maybe this explains why there are so many cases of depression in the Netherlands. But try it, maybe you will like it. There are many variations. Drop, to me, is the perfect example of the expression “different strokes for different folks”.

Drop, by the way, is the only Dutch local food I don’t like. I have also tried other strange things, like apple mousse with fries, or different types of crisps that all have the same flavour: paprika. But these things, although weird, at least taste nice.

Julio Silva, a PhD student of Plant Pathology from Brazil

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NL: Is drop een grap?

Het zwarte dingetje dat Julio Silva kreeg aangeboden zag er lelijk uit, maar hij dacht: het is snoep, dus het zal wel lekker zijn. Hij stopte het in zijn mond en... bah! Het was zout en smaakte naar medicijn. Zouden Nederlanders drop speciaal hebben ontwikkeld om buitenlanders in de maling te nemen? Nee. Het ze vinden het echt lekker. Zelfs de kinderen. Ze eten hier wel meer gekke dingen, zoals patat met appelmoes, maar dat smaakt tenminste nog.