Organisation - April 20, 2017

WUR Talks for students

Linda van der Nat

The Teacher of the Year 2017, Jessica Duncan, will use her 2500 euros in prize money for WUR Talks for students.

Photo: Guy Ackermans

She hit upon the idea after talking to hydrologist Roel Dijksma, last year’s winner. He used his money for a lecture series, which resulted in WUR Talks. These are presentations in which staff, alumni and students talk about their consuming interests. ‘Roel told me there was a lack of students among the speakers.’ So Duncan is thinking of a series of events at which students tell their personal stories. ‘Something like WUR Chronicles or Wag City Chronicles: true stories.’ She wants to use the money to run training courses for students who have a nice story to tell but lack the skills and confidence to tell it.

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