News - May 26, 2016

‘Unique event’ needs to match agri-startups and investors

Rob Ramaker

Yesterday and today the first edition of F&A Next (Food&Agri Next) takes place. An event where food and agriculture startups meet with financers specialized in loans for startups.

Photo: Sven Menschel | student entrepreneurs during an event in StartHub, the incubator for starups on Wageningen campus.

It is one of the components of the StartupFestEU

It is a really special event for Wageningen, says Jan Meiling, Managing director of Starlife a fund which stimulates entrepreneurship. ‘We have never had this type of event for Food&Agri in the Netherlands. We will have the best of the best investors community in Wageningen.’

On Wednesday around twenty starting companies pitch their ideas. Such as Algreen from Wageningen which wants to sell Spirulina, an edible algae. Or Smart Dairy which offers a ‘farm-in-a-box’ suitable for sustainable livestock farming in developing countries. Today more advanced companies who have already received a round of financing, such as In Ovo and Nutrileads, have their turn to pitch their idea. This event is intended as an opportunity to network and to conduct business.

We will have the best of the best investors community in Wageningen
Jan Meiling, managing director Startlife

In total around 350 unique visitors will join, said Meiling. One third startups, one third investors, and one third established companies. ‘I regard it as successful when this actually leads to matches and deal making.’ Moreover Meiling hopes that the event will cause more activity on the Wageningen campus and that more ‘venture capital deposits in the Netherlands BV.’

Also Meiling hopes that the participants will want more of these types of events. Anyway also in October another F&ANext will be held in Wageningen.