Organisation - May 2, 2019

Student Council elections: Sophie Kuijten aims to assure quality

Luuk Zegers

Elections for the Student Council of the university will be held from 20 May until 23 May. Resource introduces you to the lead candidates of the student parties. Today: Sophie Kuijten (21), lead candidate for VeSte. ‘One can learn so much from an activity outside studying, like being a member of a committee or a board. Those qualities are useful throughout one’s life.’

© VeSte.

‘VeSte is the Student Council party for all active students. We stand for a broad development of students, by which we mean a development outside the lecture halls as well. By joining committees or boards, for example, or by getting a part-time job. Since the new student loan system was introduced, students think twice about joining a committee or board. We want to motivate them to keep doing this. One can learn so much: working in a professional environment, public speaking, and more. Those qualities are useful throughout one’s life.’

Small scale and integration
‘I am a third-year bachelor’s student of Agricultural and Bio resource Engineering, a relatively small programme that allows for easy contact between lecturer and students. This small scale ensures a pleasant atmosphere. One of my main priorities is to guarantee that small-scale atmosphere and the quality of education despite the growth. There should be enough lecturers for the number of students.’

‘Integration is also an important theme. In that context, I look beyond the integration of international students. Students who have done their bachelor’s elsewhere in the Netherlands should also be well taken care of if they are going to do a master’s here.’