Organisation - March 27, 2020

Resource distributed in student apartments by bike

Albert Sikkema

With life on Wageningen Campus ground to a halt, our Resource magazine is no longer distributed in the bins located in the educational buildings. So, we have switched to a digital edition. Nonetheless, a few student housing facilities received a hard-copy. What is all that about?

Editors Coretta Jongeling and Albert Sikkema hopped on their bikes on 26 March. They rode to a few student housing facilities, their bags loaded with 150 hard-copy Resource magazines. They randomly distributed these in student flat pigeonholes and letterboxes. Thus, Asserpark 3a and 15b received a magazine, but the surrounding groups did not. Usually, all students receive the magazine without fail, as Postservice distributes it. Due to the corona crisis, things are currently different.

We hope that this limited edition resource will be widely shared by students so that as many people as possible can read the magazine. However, you can always browse the digital edition on (Dutch) en (English).

Hard-copy magazines are also available at the front desks of most campus buildings, to provide employees working on campus with some reading material on their breaks.

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  • hulp

    De resource is al jaren lang online te vinden.
    Op de site heb je helemaal bovenaan een knop Magazine, daarmee kom je er.
    Of abonneer op de nieuwsbrief (zelfde balk als Magazine) / facebook kanaal :)

    (ook is er een optie om het thuis bezorgd te krijgen ("abonnement" in dezelfde balk als Magazine), maar dat is natuurlijk niet zo sustainable)

  • emiel wubben

    hartstikke gewaardeerd dat jullie dit doen. Veel WUR-werknemers komen de gebouwen niet meer in, maar blijven graag op de hoogte.