News - February 25, 2016

Preparing a full lunch in class

In my first few days at Wageningen University I was pretty much in shock, seeing students eating in class in the Forum building. It was new to me to see people eat in class at all, because back where I did my Bachelor’s, only drinks and candies to keep us awake were allowed. But eating a complete lunch during a lecture?

I have heard from a friend of someone who brought a whole lunch plate and silverware from the campus cafeteria into the classroom, where the lecturer and fellow students could hear the ‘tings’, the ‘tangs’ and the ‘chews’ as they ate. Not to mention the complete food stock from bananas to nuts that people take into exams! I never thought that possible, for back home I would be limited to pens, pencils, eraser, ruler and a calculator. However, you cannot generalize about this because in some classrooms, like in Orion, eating is verboden.

I have frequently observed how some of my Dutch friends eat. I would say the Dutch have their own unique way of bringing their lunch, besides buying cafeteria food. They have a whole kitchen in their bags! I can’t imagine how they fit whole blocks of cheese, graters, loaves of bread, margarine and hagelslag into their bags. It is impressive and I do wonder how they keep it up because, since I’m not accustomed to eating bread, I wouldn’t be able to survive on bread, bread, and more bread. I do agree it is a very efficient way of organizing lunch because you don’t have to bother cooking your lunch in the morning or the day before.

Micha Gracianna Devi from Indonesia, Master’s student of Plant Biotechnology

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NL: Brood smeren tijdens college

In shock beziet de Indonesische Micha Gracianna Devi hoe studenten in Wageningen hun complete lunch opeten tijdens colleges. Ze heeft zelfs gehoord van studenten die met luid geklingel van mes en vork tijdens de les hun kantinemaaltijd verorberen. Maar het vreemdst vindt ze nog wel dat veel Nederlandse studenten een complete keuken in hun tas hebben en breeduit boterhammen met kaas en hagelslag gaan zitten beleggen in de collegezaal.