Organisation - July 18, 2019

Plan for earlier resits shelved for now

Luuk Zegers

The proposal to move the exam resits period forward from August to July has been postponed for one year.

© Marte Hofsteenge

The Executive Board wants to bring the resits period forward so as to give both students and staff an uninterrupted holiday period. The idea was to do this as of the next academic year. But the proposal has been shelved for now after 12 of the 24 programme committees advised against it.

Short time between exams
The programme committees expressed concern about the short time between the exams in period 6 (week 44) and the proposed week for resits (week 46). The set date for handing in grades (15 August) was also not seen as an improvement with respect to the current situation. Finally, there could be an increase in the number of unnecessary resits because of grades not being published in time.

In September, a new working group will start looking at different options for improving the policy on exam resits.

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