Organisation - April 11, 2019

New ‘portal’ to WUR research 

Roelof Kleis

Research@wur, the portal to all Wageningen science, is now also accessible to the public. The portal discloses pretty much everything that Wageningen scientists do.


Research@wur was already accessible for employees and students of WUR since early December. The last couple of months were used to add missing information and search and resolve early problems with the system. ‘We have also been very busy internally presenting the new portal to researchers and learning from their experience with it’, says Anna Besse-Lototskaya of the WUR Library.

The new portal makes it a lot easier and more user friendly to find information about researchers and their work. Graphical techniques allow to instantly show the collaborative network that is science, not just within WUR, but across the entire globe. Scientific articles are often available online at no cost. The portal can be access through

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