Organisation - May 19, 2016

Leeuwenborch lunch is best choice

Roelof Kleis

It is best to have your lunch in Leeuwenborch. In a Resource test it was found that the local caterer Good Food Catering, was the best choice.

The Wageningen caterer was the cheapest for a variety of products. The caterer received a score of 7.6 from the tasting panel. The caterer Orion (OSP, 8) and the Restaurant of the Future (Sodexo 7.9) scored higher, but were more expensive. From the tasting panel Forum (Cormet) was clearly scored as lowest with a 6.3.


The price differences between the caterers are considerably at some points. Especially bread, soup, salad, kroket and frikandel and fresh orange juice are cheap in the Leeuwenborch. You can get a salad for 1.65 euro, in Orion you pay 3.03 euro, almost double. Fresh orange juice only cost 1.55 euro. In Forum you pay 2.50 for it. The Restaurant of the Future is most expensive in all their products.

The Campus Canteen Test is published in the latest version of Resource. The contracts with the caterers expire this year. The audits for possible extensions are currently in progress. Students in general are more than satisfied about the catering, as was found in the National Student Survey. In the last research (on 2015) the Wageningen University scored a 3.9 on a scale of 1 to 5. This is the second highest score of all universities.

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  • Employee at Leeuwenborch

    I was shocked to read this review. "The hot meal" at Leeuwenborch received 8.5 points. Every single person I know thinks the warm meals at Leeuwenborch are terrible. I've been to many University canteens but the food here is the worst I have ever had. It's okay to eat there once. But as soon as you eat there several days a week, you quickly realize that the food is always the same. They offer fricandel, cheese something, french fries, falafel, burger, pasta, pizza, and quiche. This variety sounds a lot, but if you see this every day, you soon start to hate it. Furthermore, everything they offer is very fatty. Oil drops of the pizza, you get heartburn from the falafel, ect. Most people I know, including myself, buy the food only, because they need to eat something and prefer warm food.
    The Good Food Catering - the name is really ironic - was only evaluated so good, because the referee only ate there pasta once. But honestly, what can go wrong with pasta? I like warm lunch and I hope the Good Food catering won't see this RESOURCE report as a confirmation for their quality, as this would be a complete fallacy. Food at forum might not be of high quality either, but at least they have much more choice. Many people walk every day from Leeuwenborch to Orion for having lunch there. So if Good Food catering was really so good, why would people walk that long distance to Orion?


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  • Hans

    Jullie vergeten erbij te vermelden dat de leeuwenborch er echt met kop en schouders boven uit hoort te steken.

    Dit waar zij ook nog eens veelal biologische producten gebruiken en zeer ervaren koks in dienst hebben.

    • Kees

      Dat ze biologische meuk gebruiken heeft hier dus echt helemaal niets mee te maken.

  • John Schouten

    En voor diner kan je ook genieten van de prijs en kwaliteit van Good Food Catering.
    Bij Sports Pub de Bongerd word de warme maaltijd door Good Food geleverd en vanuit een warm buffet voor slecht € 4,35 aangeboden.
    Retaurant is open van 16.30 uur tot 21.00 uur
    Op de Facebook pagina van Sports Pub de Bongerd kan je elke week het menu bekijken.

  • Roelof Kleis

    Dank, goed gezien, is aangepast.

  • Student

    Kop soep groot is verkeerd gekleurd.